Top 5 Physics Books Which Help You To Crack The Physics Test


Are you looking for a guide before buying the Physics Book?

It’s not only you who is looking for such a guide nowadays, everyone is looking for some shortcut that covers all your syllabus in one book. It is because of time shortage. Everyone is in a hurry. They opened all books but read or learned nothing. Hence, they just get confused by seeing different books with a lot of syllabi.

The same situation happened with physics students; they couldn’t understand which books helped them in revision and covered all syllabus. Physics books have a significantly more comprehensive range of topics than any other area. Therefore, you must know which book is more valuable depending on your situation, especially if you are preparing for Advanced.

Sometimes we put so much effort into solving complex problems that it becomes impossible to solve simple questions in an exam. The listed books help build concepts up to fundamental and advanced levels—the problem in this help to crack any physics test and any level. Here is the list of that physics books which helps me a lot in my physics test preparation and passing it. In this article, I covered those physics books that help you crack any physics test and clear your concept. So, are you looking for a physics book that helps you solve out-of-syllabus physics problems? Here you get your answer.

Physics Books That Help you in solving physics problems.

5. University Physics

University Physics helps the student learn about physics effectively. You must enjoy this physics book to read as it is full of fun and written in an exemplary manner. The content of this book is excellent. It seems like the book’s author is coaching me. On top of that its wording is clear and straightforward to learn. You can study at your own pace by reading all the chapters in sequence and trying to follow along with all the exercises and examples.

 This physics book covers all the major physics concepts in 3 sections of a book or three volumes like indifferent volumes


  • Waves,
  • Sound,
  • Mechanics,
  • Oscillations in
  • Magnetism,
  • Electricity

volume 2

  • Thermodynamics

volume 3

  • Modern physics
  • Optics
  • It also contains calculus-based problems
  • This book explains these topics with examples that help understand physics deeply.

Author: Hugh Young, Roger Freedman, Francis Sears, Mark Zemansky

Publisher: Pearson Education

Current Edition: 15th edition

Pages: 1632

For high schoolers, this is a fantastic start. It’s an excellent supplement to other, more comprehensive textbooks. Bulky book
Contains best examples and problem questions which help you to clear conceptContain fewer maths details, i.e., derivations
There are numerous valuable explanations with pictures and charts about the topic. 
Each chapter ends with summaries point which concepts basic info from the chapters. 

4. Concept Of Physics By H.C Varma (Best Physics Book To Buy)

Concepts of Physics contain most of the theory and several intriguing instances. It doesn’t delve into much detail (unlike foreign authors) and gets right to the point. It is simple to read and comprehend. All students who want to learn the fundamentals of physics from the base up should read this book.

Its subjective part improves your ability to think critically to answer any physics problem. Each chapter starts with a discussion of a real-life incident and the physics that explains it. Moreover, the equations gradually enter the picture, followed by the equations’ applications.

It allows every reader to comprehend the topics thoroughly. This physics book contains many valuable solved examples; students must read over those examples after completing each chapter in class. Furthermore, I feel the exercises are pretty well though the first 20% of the problems are easy concept-based. Then they become more complicated, enabling students to recognise where their theory is missing and improve it.

Author: Dr H.C.Verma

Publisher: S. Chand & Company Ltd

 Current Edition: January 1, 2017

Pages: 462

Pros                    Cons
A language that is simple and clear.Problems are out of order now
The flow of thoughts and concepts must be stable.The book lacks the most up-to-date theory or colourful, informative diagrams.
Topics are correlated with each other. 
Problems clear your conceptsMcqs type  questions are too easy
Physics books

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3. Errorless Physics

Errorless Physics is a comprehensive study guide that combines theoretical and practical principles. The question bank is fantastic. This physics book raises a lot of questions. And, guess what? You have answers and pointers to practically all of the questions. Some of the chapters include excellent theory.

 They have incorporated every critical piece of information in some of the chapters, which are brief but precise. This book’s language is easy to read and comprehend. That book is fantastic for preparing MCQs; it contains practically every question from a previous competitive exam. After each chapter, there is a self-evaluation test to see how much you know about that topic.

Practising several MCQs makes you perfect for solving MCQs. Due to lack of time, answering all questions in a competitive exam is frequently impossible. As a result, solving many MCQs will improve your speed and offer you an idea of which questions to focus on to acquire the best results in the shortest amount of time. Its significant advantage is that Level-based questions are a fantastic way to measure how much physics you know and how well you grasp it.

Author: Universal

Publisher: Universal Book Depot 1960

Current Edition:

Pages: 1728

Pros                    Cons
The amount of intense text needed is reduced. 
Each chapter concludes with an Mcqs section.Some printing mistakes.
Allows you to find and use the most up-to-date knowledge on any topic whenever you need it. 

2. Serway Physics For Engineers And Scientists

If you like colours or colourful diagrams but with the best concept, you should just go for scientists and engineers by Serway. It constitutes the beginning of the high level of physics. So to clarify your concept regarding classical physics, electromagnetic physics is a good choice for you but not modern physics.

It broadens your mind for solving unseen problems. By practicing the problem from this book, you can crack any competitive exam because it increases your potential to understand the scenario given in the problem. doubtlessly it is helpful for A-level and O-level students.

Author: Raymond A Serway, John W.

Publisher: Cengage Learning; 10th edition 

Current Edition: January 1, 2018

Pages: 1484

Pros                    Cons
Every chapter has a quick quiz that tells how much you understand the topic. 
Clarify derivations step by step. 
It expresses each topic with diagrams. 
At the end of the chapters, there are questions and problems to clear your concepts.Lack of MCQs and no of problems are less than others.
Highlight the essential lines and definitions. 
Topic explained with daily life examples. 
Physics books

1. Physics by Halliday Resnick Krane

Fundamentals of Physics are entirely dependent on how you learn Physics. Halliday and Resnick is an excellent choice if you need a quick reference. It, in my opinion, makes the learning process more organized. It’s a great book since it entices you to read it all through. It does not cause you to lose focus. It is one of the best self-study books.

It helps all the aspirants throughout the world to clear the test. The book intends to assist students in overcoming concepts and problem-solving obstacles while preparing for any physics test. Its original peiece has two volumes by the syllabus of the physics test. So, the HRK physics book is the best choice for all physics and non-physics students to understand any science topic at the primary level.

For many decades, we’ve suggested that students utilize this textbook in their physics classes. Because this is a classic book, it is reasonably priced and provides a lot of info on each area of physics.

Author:        David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker, Farrell Edwards, John J. Merrill

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Current Edition: 12th edition


Amazing illustration of problemsColourless
This book covered all the physics course sections.Difficult to understand the language for weak students.
Each chapter ends with MCQs, questions, and problems on each topic. 
It covers the fundamental concepts and skills needed to succeed in physics. 
End-of-chapter problems and exercises to help you assess your understanding 
Physics books

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