Self-Plagiarism: Can You Steal From Yourself?

We've all heard of plagiarism, the act of stealing someone else's work and presenting it as your own....

Research Gap: 6 ways to Find and Make Potential Use of It

If you're a young researcher, you'll definitely find that certain research areas dominate your research labs. These topics...


Difference Between Mendeley and EndNote

The main difference between Mendeley and EndNote lies in their user experience, functionality, and overall suitability for different users. When it comes to organizing and managing research references, Mendeley...

Difference Between Lewis Dot Symbol and Lewis Structure

The main difference between Lewis Dot Symbol and Lewis Structure is that the Lewis dot symbol represents electrons in the outermost electron shell of an atom in a molecule, whereas a...

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11 Best Books for Histology in MBBS

Histology is an essential subject in medical education, particularly in MBBS programs. To excel in histology, having reliable...

The Top 10 IT Companies in Pakistan

You may find yourself finding how slow your internet is and how long it takes for your search...

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