Rising to the Top: My Journey as an Emerging Content Creator in the Field of Research

Insufficient guidelines for researchers is not a today’s problem only.

It exits for years and will continue in the future as no body taking this issue seriously.

This is very crucial to deal with this problem as insufficient guidelines can lead to uncertainty and hinder researchers’ efficiency and work-life balance.

As an emerging content creator in the field of research, it is crucial for me to understand and address the major problems faced by researchers, particularly regarding insufficient guidelines.

Dissatisfied with the unhealthy and toxic environments I experienced in both government and private sector jobs, I made a life-changing decision to forge my own path as a content creator. Little did I know that this choice would lead me to new heights and transform me into a role model for aspiring researchers. Allow me to share my inspiring journey.

After leaving my job, I took the leap and created my own YouTube channel dedicated to helping young researchers achieve their goals. Through my videos, I provided valuable insights, tips, and guidance to empower and motivate them on their research journey. I sought to bridge the gap between established scientists and budding researchers by conducting interviews with prominent figures in the field of science and research in Pakistan, as well as directors of various research institutes.

My efforts did not stop there. I recognized the need to disseminate accurate information about research-supporting institutions to aspiring researchers.

By leveraging my YouTube sessions, I strived to provide the right information and create awareness among young researchers about the opportunities available to them.

Research Community Building

Building a community was pivotal to my mission. I successfully gathered a community of 400,000 researchers and young graduates seeking career advice. In this community, they found the support and guidance necessary to navigate their research careers effectively.

Passionate about fostering scientific skills, I launched Scientific Pakistan (www.scientificpakistan.com). Through this platform, I curated a group of over 50 esteemed scientists from around the globe. These scientists offered skill-based courses aimed at helping young researchers excel in their scientific pursuits.

Determined to expand my reach, I joined an IT company called Our Own IT (www.itsarkar.com) as a Content Strategist and Copywriter. This role allowed me to tap into my creative abilities and contribute to the growth of multiple global brands. One of the notable brands I have had the privilege of writing about is NIMIR, one of Pakistan’s largest Oleochemical manufacturers.

Recognizing the power of the written word, I also established my own blog, Scientific Sarkar (www.scientificsarkar.com). The blog serves as a platform to empower young writers by providing them with free training. Here, they can learn, hone their skills, and build impressive portfolios to attract high-paying clients.

Reflecting on my journey, I am amazed at how one decision transformed my life. From a once-depressed individual who struggled to seize opportunities, I have evolved into a role model for countless young girls. I am grateful for the positive impact I have been able to make, and I strive to inspire others to believe in their potential and pursue their dreams wholeheartedly.

In conclusion, my journey as an emerging content creator in the field of research has been an incredible adventure. Through my YouTube channel, interviews with renowned scientists, community-building efforts, educational platforms, and writing endeavors, I have been able to contribute to the growth and development of aspiring researchers. I am a living testament to the fact that one should not limit themselves to traditional career paths but instead explore avenues where their passion and potential thrive. By taking that leap of faith, one can rise to the top and make a lasting impact in their chosen field.

P.S. I hope my story serves as a reminder that one right decision can truly change the course of your life and open doors to endless possibilities.

P.P.S. It is essential to understand that obtaining a degree is not solely for securing a government job. The purpose of education is to gain exposure and explore diverse opportunities, allowing individuals to utilize their potential in any direction they feel most comfortable with.


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