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How Deaf People Think: The Impact of Sign Language and Neurobiology on Deaf Cognition

Have you ever thought about how deaf people think and learn things? Recent studies have shown that the brains of deaf people work differently than those of hearing people....

The Top 10 IT Companies in Pakistan

You may find yourself finding how slow your internet is and how long it takes for your search...

10 Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships For Europe

Pursuing a Ph.D. in Europe can be an exciting and fulfilling experience for many students, offering opportunities for...

The Top 10 Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan: Who’s Leading the Way?

Around 70% of Pakistan's demand for medicines is fulfilled by the pharmaceutical industry. The nationals and the multinationals...

The Top 10 Food Industries in Pakistan

Pakistan's food sector is the second biggest in the world. It contains more than 1,000 large-scale processing facilities....

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